Application/Forum Requirements, and Rules of Employment

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Application/Forum Requirements, and Rules of Employment

Post  Jack Bowers on Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:37 am

Application Requirements:

- 10 mil sp minimum and be 18+ years of real life age preferably.

- Limited API Key must be sent to the recruitement officer who is recruiting or interviewing you prior to acceptance.

- When applying, state in your application mail who recruited you. If no one recruited you, and you are applying anyway, you must wait until a recruitement officer interviews you PRIOR to your application being accepted.

- If someone recommeneded you to KOR that is already employed, then please state his name in the application mail and what your connection to that member is. This will be verified PRIOR to acceptance.

- All newly accepted recruites will have a 15 day probation period, rank and forum access will not be granted during this period. The probation period allows us to get to know eachother better and see if you have what it takes to be KOR material.

- If you're an alt character from some corp that wishes to do KOR harm, we WILL find out, so do not bother applying obviously. All characters will have thier names ran through the eve forums, battleclinic, and google. Infiltration will result in immediate aggression, termination of employment, and a report given to the eve forums.

KOR's Rules of Employment

- KOR is now primarily a combat focused corporation. We don't just pve, we don't just pvp. In KOR, there is no descrimination, we blow everything up.

- We believe in having fun in this game. The second a game becomes a job, it's no longer fun.

- When in a fleet, it is required to be able to use vent, even if you don't have a microphone, it's important that you can listen at least.

- Smacktalk in local channel is prohibited unless granted permission to smack.

- When an officer of KOR gives an order, it is just as good as an order coming from the CEO, it is expected to be obeyed accordingly.

- Lying, scamming, excessive greed, and stealing are all considered treason in KOR, and will result in aggression and/or immediate termination of employment.

- We expect at least a moderate amount of activity out of our members, not only in game, but on our forum as well, communication is key.

- Inactivity for over a month, without explanation via corporate evemail or forum post, may result in termination during a "corporate clean-out".

- We treat eachother with respect in KOR, granted, we love to fool around, but genuinely harassing members may result in termination.

- Most importantly, your main priority in KOR is to enjoy the game! These rules exist to help improve your gameplay.

Forum Usage

- Only members of KOR are allowed registered access to these forums. New recruites must wait the 15 day probation period before allowed access. Once registered on forums, you must evemail Aerchois in-game with the email address you used to register. This is very important, and registration will not be processed unless done properly.

If you are interested in KOR, please contact either Elektra Tatiana, or I while in-game via evemail.

Good hunting, and thank you for your interest in KOR!

"With the will to do so, one can mold destiny in their hands like clay, with no will, you mold clay with no hands"

"I am the harbinger of hope.  I am the sword of the righteous, and to all who hear my words, I say this; What you give to this empire, I shall give back onto you."  -Empress Jamyl Sarum, Coronation

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