General Information About K.O.R.

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General Information About K.O.R.

Post  Jack Bowers on Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:51 am

K.O.R. is a proud corporation founded back in March 2006. Over the years, we have faced trial after trial, and yet our doors just won't close. We retain much of the same leadership that was established shortly after our founding. We are primarily a paramilitary fighting force, that enjoys group level 4's for PVE, and low security/0.0/WH for PVP. We also function as mercenaries from time to time if a good enough contract/opportunity comes along.

K.O.R. is a self-sufficient, jack of all trades corp. We dabble in a bit of everything, but now adays it's mostly combat.

K.O.R. is primarily a US based corp. We obviously use forums, and also use vent. Our members are very disciplined, capitalistic, tenacious, ambitious, respectful, thoughtful, encouraging, experienced, and most of all, professional when it matters. You'll also find a good mix of eccentric behavior, good sense of humors, and people messing with each other, you know, the usual corporate antics Very Happy We are all zealously loyal to each other; when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. We don't pay ransoms, we make them.

We carry with us a sense of pride and honor in K.O.R. that very few corporations could match. Whenever K.O.R. was faced with an obstacle in the past, it only made us stronger. However, it is the pilots in a corporation that make it what it is. So if your looking for a corp that you can gladly say you spent your eve career with, we are that corporation. New or old player, we most definitely have a place for you.

There are many assorted perks to being a member of KOR, however, we encourage every pilot to develop thier own self-sustaining economy. Our activities are designed to make our members independently wealthy from a variety of operations. Our tax rate has always historically been 10%, but has recently been lowered to 3%.

"KOR is what happened when you stuck a bunch of angry abused miners into low sec and gave them big guns to play with." Truth be told, some of our best miners from long ago have actually become some of our best PVPers.

Whiners need not apply.

Public Channel: HardKOR

Elektra Tatiana - CEO, Recruiter
Verk - Officer
Rien Karnak - Officer
Jack Bowers - Diplomat

By the way, don't bother asking what K.O.R. stands for, it's what was written on our test tube.

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